Raunds charity launches appeal to fund prosthetic leg for sheep injured in dog attack

An appeal has been launched to help pay for a prosthetic limb for a sheep which is still recovering months after a dog attack.

Flossie is waiting to have a prosthetic limb
Flossie is waiting to have a prosthetic limb

Flossie was attacked by a dog back in February and didn’t get to see a vet until several days later.

The ewe, who was underweight and in a bad condition when she was taken in by Brook Farm Animal Sanctuary in Raunds, is still recovering from the attack, which left her with a wound on her front shoulder and led to very bad septic arthritis in the joint.

Flossie had to have an operation in April to remove her front leg and lock her back leg in place.

Flossie and Freddie

The operation went well and her shoulder has now completely healed from the amputation, although they had to wait to be referred to a specialist vet to see what could be done for the back leg as it is a little shorter after the hoof was amputated.

But by June, Flossie was off all medication and in July the vet said a prosthetic leg could be made for her back leg.

However, the cost of this will be £2,200 so Brook Farm has launched an appeal to raise the money needed.

Supporters have already donated £750 to the appeal, but it is hoped more people will come forward to help give Flossie as normal a life as possible.

Flossie and Freddie

Rosie from Brook Farm said: “We didn’t think she’d make it, but she’s such a fighter.”

She added: “Thanks to some wonderful supporters who raised an amazing £750 we are moving in the right direction.

“Please help us raise the rest and get Flossie out of her stable and into her very own paddock with her new husband Freddie.

“Flossie is now doing so well she has started to go out into the cow paddock with Freddie and Willow for a few hours a day.

“She is now ready for her prosthetic leg.”

Anyone who would like to contribute to the appeal can call Brook Farm, which is a registered charity, on 07758 728265 or send an email to [email protected]