Rangers fans get stuck in to Mr Custard

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Mr Custard came under fire from Rangers fans who feared that the Corby clown was taking money they were sending to help the cash-strapped club.

When the club launched a fighting fund it publicised the wrong Paypal address. And that led football fans from Rangers – and Celtic – to Cllr Bob Riley’s website for his company Bluenose Entertainments.

Cllr Riley, who has run the business with his wife Julie for 20 years, said: “I had a few emails from fans who thought they had come to a website to make donations to the Rangers fighting fund.

“Most of them were funny but there was one which was a bit unpleasant.

“You had to see the funny side and I suppose the mistake ended up giving my company a bit of extra publicity.”

The Bluenose Rangers Supporters Assembly told club fans to send an email to assembly@bluenose.co.uk.

The correct address for making a donation to the fighting fund should have been assembly@thebluenose.co.uk.

When supporters checked out the website www.bluenose.co.uk to find out how the fighting fund was going, instead of getting the latest news on the Rangers crisis they discovered a site devoted to children’s entertainers Mr and Mrs Custard.

The club rectified the error as soon as it was pointed out to them.

Liberal Democrat councillor Mr Riley said: “It was just a silly mistake and it was sorted out quickly.

“I didn’t receive any donations from Rangers’ fans because it was the wrong Paypal address. Being in politics I’m used to abuse but I wasn’t really sure what was going on.

“Because there are lots of Scottish accents in Corby, I thought someone was having a laugh.

“The fans ended up on my website and I had a few messages.

“I couldn’t work out what Rangers had to do with me. Most of the emails said things like ‘give us the money or we’re sending the clowns around’.”

Mr Riley and his wife organise children’s parties and magic shows for youngsters all over the area.

And they are normally the ones who are organising pranks to entertain their young audiences.

Mr Riley said: “The whole thing has been a comedy of errors but it’s all sorted now.

“There was no harm done and I haven’t had anymore emails.”