Rainbow day at Little Harrowden Primary School for Niamh Curry

Niamh Curry with dad Chris, sister Hannah and mum Sam
Niamh Curry with dad Chris, sister Hannah and mum Sam

Pupils will wear pink, purple and blue to mark three years since they lost a popular member of their school to cancer.

Niamh Curry died aged just five from childhood cancer neuroblastoma, but her legacy lives on and staff, pupils and parents at Little Harrowden Primary School will be celebrating her life on the third anniversary of her death.

Youngsters will be wearing Niamh’s favourite colours, purple, blue or pink, and parents have been invited to have afternoon tea on May 20.

Niamh’s dad Chris, of Wellingborough, said: “The school is fantastic, it’s nice that they remember Niamh in a good way.

“We don’t want it to be a miserable day so all the children will be going dressed in pink, purple and blue.”

He said many of the children may not have known Niamh, but her family is touched by the school keeping her memory alive.

Chris added: “Niamh has become an important part of the children’s education. They learnt a lot through losing Niamh and I think it has made a lot of children there resilient, with the realisation that this is what happens in real life.

“But the support has not just been from the school, but the whole community in Little Harrowden.

“Niamh’s death affected all of them. It’s lovely that they remember our little girl.”

Chris admitted that he, wife Sam and daughter Hannah will never be the same after losing Niamh, but added: “When these sorts of things happen and continue to happen it gives you that strength and that pride that as a charity we can make a difference in her memory.”

A letter to parents from headteacher Jacinta Foo says: “Out of this awful tragedy was born a fantastic charity, Niamh’s Next Step, which seeks to raise money to support research and awareness of this illness. The charity also offers advice and support to families. Run by Niamh’s incredibly brave family, it is close to the hearts of many within our community.”