Rain plays a part in crime reduction

Insp Gary Williams says a fall in crime is cause for celebration
Insp Gary Williams says a fall in crime is cause for celebration

Corby’s top police officer says the new policing year has started in the right way – with a big fall in crime.

The borough saw an overall reduction in crime in April compared to the same month last year, and Insp Gary Williams said he was particularly pleased with the drop in violent offences.

Violent crime rose by seven per cent, or 47 incidents, in 2011-12, but last month it fell by 26 per cent, or 31 crimes, compared with April 2011.

Last month, all crime was down 14 per cent, or 63 fewer offences, and anti-social behaviour was down 45 per cent, or 200 offences. Criminal damage is down 29 per cent, or 27 offences, burglary is down 37 per cent, or eight offences, but vehicle crime is up 19 per cent, or five offences.

Insp Williams said the poor weather may have impacted on the figures, but said it took nothing away from his staff.

He said: “We have had a great start to the new year. The continuation in anti-social behaviour reduction is excellent news and highlights the determination of police to continue cracking down on these offences.

“I’m sure ‘PC Rain’ is playing his part in some of the reduction, but nothing should be taken away from all the hard work.

“I am particularly pleased given it included an extended school holiday period and bank holiday weekends.”

The news comes as the Corby Community Safety Partnership releases the results of its 2011 survey, which shows public confidence is at an all-time high.

The surveys show more than 72 per cent of residents feel the council and the police are successfully tackling antisocial behaviour.