Quick-thinking Kettering girl comes to aid of mum having stroke

A Kettering teenager has been praised for her actions after her mum suffered a stroke.

Morgan Justice.
Morgan Justice.

Claire Wallis, 33, collapsed at her home on the Grange estate at about 7.30am on Thursday (July 11) after losing the feeling in her face, arm and leg.

She managed to get the attention of her 14-year-old daughter Morgan Justice who recognised she was unable to talk and remembered stroke symptoms after seeing an advert about the condition on TV.

After carrying her down the stairs Morgan, who is a pupil at Southfield School, rang 999 and her aunt Emma Wallis before organising childcare for her six-year-old brother Tommy who was still asleep.

Morgan Justice.

And it was her quick thinking that meant her mum was able to be treated quickly after being rushed to hospital. She was sent home the following day showing no signs of paralysis.

Emma, 31, said: "Had Morgan not done what she did her mum could be paralysed now.

"It's only because she was there and knew what to do that she isn't.

"She was so brave and really is our little hero. It was very upsetting but she kept her cool and was incredible. She thought of everybody."

Morgan, Claire and Tommy.

Strokes occur when blood supply to part of the brain is cut off and can leave people with long-term problems.

Claire is waiting for a follow-up MRI scan but initial tests have shown no significant damage.

She is the eldest of four siblings with younger sister Emma and two brothers, 29-year-old Sean and 21-year-old Billy.

Emma said she never expected her sister to suffer a stroke at her age.

She said: "I couldn't be any more proud of Morgan.

"It is obvious now a stroke can happen to anyone at any time and at any age so teaching our kids the signs is so important. "