Quick leak repair saves vital water

Contractor Scott Ponder repairs the leak
Contractor Scott Ponder repairs the leak

Anglian Water has been praised for taking swift action to help save the area’s precious water supply.

When a leak was spotted in South Road, Corby, by borough councillor Stan Heggs he reported it immediately.

Less than 24 hours later the company dispatched workers to plug the leak, conserving every drop available in the drought-hit county.

The last 18 months have been the driest in 100 years and earlier this month Anglian Water introduced a hosepipe ban.

Cllr Heggs said: “I spotted the leak on Wednesday, and although it wasn’t huge, I reported it immediately because of the drought.

“I want to give credit where credit is due. Anglian Water wasted no time in sending someone out to attend to the problem. They were first class, did a really good job and no one can fault the speed at which their workers got the problem sorted. I hope residents will report any leaks they find.”

Antony Innes, of Anglian Water, said: “We are grateful to Councillor Heggs for reporting the leak.

“Finding and fixing leaks as soon as possible is very important for us at all times, especially with the drought affecting our region.

“We are working really hard to repair any leaks as quickly as possible and have recently invested £14m and employed an additional 60 staff to help us tackle leakage.

“All of our customers have a role to play in combating the drought and reporting any leaks to us is incredibly important.”

The company is advising people to save water by fixing dripping taps and spending less time in the shower.