Question mark over future location of Corby police

Corby Police Station in Elizabeth Street
Corby Police Station in Elizabeth Street

Police bosses are in talks with council leaders about a new base for officers in Corby.

Early-stage discussions are in process about moving policing services into the Corby Cube.

Northamptonshire Polce and Crime Commissioner Stephen Mold

Northamptonshire Polce and Crime Commissioner Stephen Mold

A similar plan has already been implemented in Kettering where police officers are now based in council offices.

Former police and crime commissioner Adam Simmonds called into doubt the long-term future of Corby Police Station in Elizabeth Street in 2014 when he said it was no longer fit for purpose.

It was met with a furious reaction from the town’s Labour MP Andy Sawford, who had had several earlier assurances from the PCC that the station would not close.

Mr Sawford said that it would leave Corby as the largest town in the country without its own police station.

Chief Constable Simon Edens

Chief Constable Simon Edens

But Mr Simmonds has since left his position, Mr Sawford has lost his seat and new PCC Stephen Mold has not yet laid out his plan for the future of the county’s main police stations.

But this week it emerged that Corby councillors had been told of early-stage plans to move some police services into the Cube.

Mr Mold said: “I have always been open in saying that as the newly-elected police and crime commissioner, I have inherited an estates strategy that presents both me and the chief constable with a number of key decisions.

“Chief Constable Simon Edens and I are currently developing a range of ideas and options moving forward.

“However, no decisions have yet been made.

“I will do all I can to help the chief constable deliver the operational requirements of the force in the most efficient and effective way possible and will update the people of Northamptonshire when our strategy has been finalised.”

Mr Edens said: “The force is working with the police and crime commissioner to explore various ideas and options for the future of the police estate.

“Co-location of certain services within partner agency premises is one such option, where it fits with the overall estates strategy and operational police requirements.

“We need to make sure we have the right type of accommodation, in the right places, to allow us to meet current and future needs so we can continue to protect people from harm and serve our communities.

“Co-location within local authority buildings has already proved successful in Northampton and Kettering, where the public inquiry desks are located alongside council customer services.

“We are continuing to talk to a number of partners about the options available in other parts of the county; however, no decisions have yet been made.”

Neither Mr Mold nor Mr Edens would confirm that a co-location plan would mean the closure of Corby Police Station.