Quarter of results at Bishop Stopford School are A grades

Bishop Stopford School, Kettering
Bishop Stopford School, Kettering

More than a quarter of grades achieved at a school were A* or A, to the delight of pupils and staff.

Students from Bishop Stopford School, in Headlands, Kettering, had their results today, with just under 60 per cent of them attaining A* to B.

Just under half - 43 per cent of pupils - achieved A or A* in mathematics, while that number was 40 per cent for philosophy.

About 72 per cent of history students gained A* to B grades, while 100 per cent of all A-level exams were passed.

Headteacher Margaret Holman said: “Once again we are extremely pleased to see students’ and staff’s hard work and commitment being rewarded by A level examination results.

“This maintains the tradition of excellent results in the school where the majority of students achieve the top grades in academic A level subjects, and are therefore able to take up their first choices at university or work”.

Students who achieved particularly well were Chris Berry (A* A A) (who managed to balance his studies with extensive international sailing training) Jo Tunnicliffe (A* A* A), George Cann (A* A A), Catherine Clake (A* A A), Emily Cole (A* A* A), and Anna Coulson (A* A* A A).

Other high fliers included Holly Downing (A* A* A), Rhiannon Evans (A A A), Hannah Fox (A A A), Michael Geoghan (A* A* A), Lydia Littleton (A* A* A), Kerry Sclater (A* A* A) Harriet Seddon (A* A* A A), and Rachel Thompson (A* A A).