Put wag back in dogs’ tails with a new home

Prince, Bonny, Roxie, Max and Splodge with their handlers at NANNA
Prince, Bonny, Roxie, Max and Splodge with their handlers at NANNA

CAN you give a dog a good home? Animal lovers are needed to adopt dogs which are being cared for by a charity.

The kennels at Northamptonshire Animals Needing Nurturing and Adoption (NANNA) in Irthlingborough are full to capacity as the charity is currently looking after 11 dogs.

They include male and female dogs of various breeds and ages, including a pair of Jack Russell brothers and a Staffy cross boxer called Roxy.

The animals are all either unwanted or from homes where their owners were no longer able to look after them.

A couple have also been taken in on the request of the Wellingborough Council dog warden.

Anyone who is interested in adopting one of the dogs in care at NANNA will be given advice by the charity’s volunteers regarding which is most suitable for their home setting.

NANNA trustee and volunteer Carla Alderman said the current number of dogs in their care was due to a combination of the downturn in the economy and bad press received by some dogs.

She said: “We help as many dogs as we can.

“We haven’t had as many as when the economy first hit the low. At the moment we are not turning that many away.

“We are looking for homes for all of our dogs, and also anyone who could do some dog walking for us.

“We will help people to choose the right dog for their home situation, for example, depending on if they have children or other animals.

“We ask people to come in and have a look at the animals, and we talk to them about what type of dogs are suitable for their families. We are not going to rehome a dog which will walk into a house and cause problems.

“We also try to get some of our dogs into short-term foster homes. We have currently got three dogs in foster homes.”

NANNA, situated off the A6 in Irthlingborough, is currently caring for more than 350 animals, including cats and rabbits.

Anyone who wants more details about adopting a dog from the charity can call NANNA on 01933 650372 or 07921 215049.

Volunteers who can spare some time to help walk the dogs can also get in contact with the charity.