Pupils report their concerns

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Police officers spoke to 400 pupils during a week of action in Wellingborough’s schools held to let youngsters have their say on issues in the community.

Officers visited Sir Christopher Hatton Academy, Wrenn School, Weavers, Our Lady’s School, St Barnabas School and the Diamond Learning Centre.

They carried out parking patrols and spoke to youngsters during lunchtime interactive sessions.

Of the 400 pupils spoken to by police, the main issues reported included litter, street lights and people causing a nuisance in the street.

A total of 49 pupils said there were no problems, 47 said litter was the main issue in the town, 36 said it was people causing a nuisance in the street, and 35 said they thought the biggest problem in Wellingborough was “a lack of things to do”.

A further 35 pupils told police they thought poor and broken street lighting was the biggest issue in the town.

The police ran the operation with partner agencies, including Wellingborough Homes, NORSE and Women’s Aid.

Staff from these organisations also spoke to pupils about a range of different issues.

More than 40 female pupils attended personal safety sessions held by police as part of the week-long operation.

PCSO Chris Howard said he was delighted with how the operation had gone.

He told the Telegraph: “We are really pleased with how it all went and we hope to run the operation again next year.”

To report any issues to police call 101, or call Crimestoppers anonymously on 0800 555111.