Pupils raise big funds for hospice

Students from Kettering Science Academy have raised more than £11,000 for Cransley Hospice – doubling their original target.

The youngsters took part in a sponsored walk on Friday, October 19, with 1,600 pupils walking a total of 6,600 miles.

Secondary school pupils walked six miles around the footpaths of Kettering and Warkton, while primary pupils completed laps of the school field or walked to Wicksteed Park.

They also completed a trial walk in July and raised money from mufti days.

Principal Martin Campbell revealed the final total in assemblies held on Friday, November 23, where pupils cheered and clapped with delight.

He told them: “We thank you not just for the effort of walking but for collecting sponsorship – you should be very pleased and proud.”

Diana Patrick, the hospice’s fundraiser, joined the assembly to hear what the final amount was.

She told pupils: “Fundraisers aren’t often stumped for words and how do I say thank you for this?

“It’s absolutely amazing.

“You have embraced the hospice and also learnt about the work that goes on there, and that’s very important.

“From all the families we’re looking after – thank you very much.”

Mrs Patrick added that the hospice was thrilled that the school embraced the charity for the fundraising initiative.

The total amount raised was £11,110 and Cransley Hospice said it was delighted to work with the school.