Public sex and people urinating in the street form objections to pub opening hours extension

The Village Inn
The Village Inn

Outraged people living in Corby’s historic heart say that a plan to extend the opening hours of a night spot should not be given the go ahead after they had to suffer people having sex on their doorsteps, public urination and loud noise.

Landlord of The Village - formerly The New Inn - in Lloyds Road, Simon Green has asked Corby Council to consider allowing him to open the pub from 11am until 4am every day. Under the new terms, alcohol would be served until 3.30am but live music would only be allowed until 11pm.

Currently, the venue is open until 2am on Monday to Thursday, 2.30am on Sunday and 3am on Fridays and Saturdays.

But local objectors living close to the pub say that they have had a series of problems with drug use, people having sex in public, and noise.

One resident said: “I object to this as the noise levels in the early hours are currently intolerable, if anything I would like to see the opening hours reduced.

“We constantly have people hanging around the front of our property between 1am and 3am weekends, snorting substances off our wall.

“There is drug paraphernalia outside my gates every weekend and plastic cups strewn all over the road.

“I do not support the extension to the New Inn hours.”

Another neighbour living in Tunwell Lane said that she had been woken by a drunk woman knocking on her door and screaming in the early hours, and that her young children had been woken by the noise.

She added: “Every single weekend we have groups of young males outside my house between the hours of 1.30am and 2.30am standing under the light on the No Entry sign and snorting cocaine.

“They sometimes use their mobile phones to snort it off, or they will use my neighbour’s wall and snort it off their hands.

“There are always small clear bags with green seals on the grass outside the front of my house.

“I regularly see people exiting the rear of the New Inn urinating up against the fence.

“I have observed males urinating up against my next door neighbour’s wheelie bin.”

She also told how other residents have clubbed together to buy a gate to stop people having sex in a nearby alleyway. She has to sleep with her windows closed to block out the noise of people walking from other nearby pubs to the Village Inn and has been sworn at when she’s asked them to quieten down.

She added: “To keep the windows closed in this heatwave has been unbearable and I dread the weekends because of the noise.

“Two weeks ago I woke one Saturday morning to find a pile of pink lumpy vomit on my driveway next to my car.”

The resident says that she would like the pub to reduce its opening hours to close at 1am.

In the application to Corby’s licensing panel, which meets on Thursday, Mr Green says: “Staff and doorstaff alike shall monitor all outdoor areas and pay particular attention to the potential of patrons outside causing noise nuisance and patrons reminded of the need to respect local residents.

“A sound barrier fence has been erected and that fence shall be maintained to avoid noise nuisance.”

You can view the details of the application here