Public meeting to decide on poll over concerns surrounding Desborough Council

Desborough Town Council has raised its portion of council tax by 400 per cent
Desborough Town Council has raised its portion of council tax by 400 per cent

A public meeting will be held in Desborough tomorrow night to decide whether to have a poll over concerns about the town council.

Residents have been angered by a number of decisions by the town council, including its budget setting and the 400 per cent council tax precept rise.

Now they will decide whether to hold a vote of confidence in the council, at a public meeting at Marlow House at 7pm tomorrow (Thursday, May 12).

Meeting organiser Kevin O’Brien says he hopes the town council sits up and takes notice.

He said: “I feel there needs to be a town poll but it’s really for the people to decide if that is what they want.

“If 10 people want a parish poll then it’s agreed and there would be a poll in the first two or three weeks of June.

“The electorate would pay for it in the precept next year.

“I have invited the chairman of the council to attend and he turned it down and invited the vice-chairman, but he hasn’t responded.

“They need to take notice of us.”

The meeting will determine whether there is to be a poll, and set the questions that will be asked.

A petition against the precept rise amassed more than 2,000 signatures, with many saying they hadn’t been informed of it until they opened their tax bill.

Desborough Council chairman Cllr Mike Tebbutt has previously defended the rise, saying all of the information was available on its website.

But Mr O’Brien says the council needs to engage with the people they represent more.

He added: “There are 8,000 people in Desborough who can vote and 2,000 signed the petition. That’s 25 per cent of the electorate at least.

“If you’ve got that many people saying that they are not happy then something needs to be done.

“This doesn’t mean we want to get rid of the town council.

“We just want them to engage with the people who live there.

“They believe the town wants to spend all this money but they’ve not spoken to us about it.”

Desborough Town Council has not responded to the Northants Telegraph’s request for a comment.