Proud residents hit back at Mail

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Proud Corby residents have hit back at a national newspaper after it attacked the town in an article last week.

The terms “miserable” and “desolate” are just some of those used by the Daily Mail to describe the town in a feature carried in its paper and on its website on Friday.

The piece also lambasts the ‘gloomy’ bus depot and claims the Kingswood estate is plagued by drug dealers and is an anti-social behaviour hotspot.

Corby residents have taken to the Mail’s website to defend the town, and shoppers shared their views with the Evening Telegraph on Saturday.

Bridie Jamieson, 58, of Lodge Park, said: “It’s terrible they’ve written that, it’s so cheeky.

“I’m Corby born and bred and it’s such a fantastic town, it’s the best town for miles. It’s really improved in the past few years but Corby has been a great town for years.”

Donna Burlington, 51, of Lodge Park, said: “Everyone is really friendly and it’s a lovely town so I think it’s a bit unfair for the Daily Mail to say that. We’ve got one of the best shopping centres in the area.”

Margaret Mills, 65, of Staffa Walk, Corby, said: “I think the town is on the up and is going in the right direction. At one point there wasn’t much on offer in Corby but the council is trying its hardest and I think it’s made the town a lot better.”

Dan Pickard, director of Willow Place, was unimpressed with the Mail’s criticism of the town centre.

He said: “The Mail’s comments are very unfair and absolute rubbish. Corby has the best shopping offer in the north of Northamptonshire.

“We’ve got people from across the board coming into the town to shop.

“The criticism may have been warranted in 2008, but since then the town has been redeveloped, the Cube has opened, as has the train station.

“We’ve got a catalogue of improvements planned, so it’s not a true comment and it’s quite annoying.”

David McInnes, chairman of the Kingswood Neighbourhood Association, said: “The Daily Mail having a go at us is totally out of order. I always feel people try and put you down when you are trying to get back on your feet.

“It wouldn’t put me off buying the Daily Mail because I would not buy it anyway. If you can’t think of any good things to say about the place then why say anything?”