Proud mum praises quick-thinking son

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A proud mum, who suffers from an incurable brain condition, has praised her quick-thinking son after he dialled 999 while she was convulsing and being sick.

Laura Noel told the Telegraph how her nine-year-old son Pharrell fought back the tears to ring up the paramedics and help his mum in her hour of need.

Mrs Noel, 32, added: “I had just picked up my children from school but started to feel unwell when I started to drive. I pulled over but then I started to convulse and be sick.

“Pharrell picked up my mobile phone and rang 999.

“He was really scared and crying but he managed to explain to the paramedics where we were so the ambulance could find us.

“He even asked two ladies on the other side of the street to stay with us until the ambulance came. I am so, so proud, of Pharrell.”

The incident happened on Thursday, March 7, after Mrs Noel picked up Pharrell and his sister Lexie from Whitefriars Junior School, on Boughton Drive, Rushden.

Mrs Noel said Pharrell, whose surname is Willis, even had the presence of mind to call his school to say what had happened, after he found its number on the telephone.

Mrs Noel, who suffers from a condition which causes pressure on her brain, also heaped praise on Whitefriars School.

She said over the past year she has gone through six lots of brain surgery but the school had been fantastic every step of the way.

She added: “I want to say a massive thank you to all the staff, the teachers, and everybody at Whitefriars School, they have been amazing.”

Since the incident Mrs Noel has moved to Bedford with her parents, so they can help with her care and the children have left the school.

School headteacher Helen Woodhouse, said that all the staff were more than happy to help the family and were proud of Pharrell for his actions.

She added: “Pharrell is a beautiful, thoughtful, young man.

“He is kind beyond his years and we’re sorry that he has left our school.”