Protests over homes plans in Irchester and Bozeat

Residents who are against plans to build homes next to Hillside Close in Bozeat.
Residents who are against plans to build homes next to Hillside Close in Bozeat.

Bozeat and Irchester residents are fighting plans to build houses in their villages.

The residents of Bozeat are campaigning against plans to build 36 homes outside the village boundary, which they say is against the adopted local plan for Wellingborough, with the potential for more homes to be built in 2016 and onwards.

Campaigners claim the Transport Statement and Ecological Survey submitted by the developers are flawed and the Flood Risk Assessment is incomplete and has not been accepted by the Environment Agency. The MP for Wellingborough, Peter Bone, is supporting their campaign.

In Irchester residents are against plans to build large estates around the village and a public meeting was held last month to discuss plans put forward by Barwoods and for a development in Station Road.

More than 100 people turned out discuss the proposals.

The possible expansion of Bozeat was raised in a recent issue of Bozeat Matters with Penny Brannon writing to say that in the Strategic Housing Land Availability Assessment Bozeat was rated Category 2, which means it has been assessed as being able to provide seven sites for 355 homes between 2016-2021. After 2021, it has been put in Category 3, meaning there is the potential for another 883 homes on five sites post-2021.

This could potentially double the size of the village by adding an extra 1,238 homes.

Graeme Sutherland, who is the chairman of the St Mary’s Little Hillside Residents’ Association, has raised concerns about the plans to build 36 houses off Hillside Close.

The association organised a petition against the proposals which got more than 200 signatures and has been presented to Parliament by Peter Bone.

The residents say the junction between Hillside and St Mary’s Road is dangerous already with just 14 cars in Hillside and the addition of up to another 70 will only increase the danger.

Mr Sutherland said: “The developers say that if the give way line is moved it will meet the minimum stopping sight regulations, but that is for cars and light goods vehicles and it is a bus route.

“We haven’t given up and will speak at the next planning meeting on the 22nd but we feel the application will be steamrollered through.”