Protest petition over derelict town building

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A petition urging a council to act over the state of a derelict building has been signed by 80 people.

People who live near to the property in Harrowden Road have handed the petition in to Wellingborough Council.

They want the local authority to use its powers of compulsory purchase to buy the building so the site can be improved.

Among the protesters is John Briggs, of Harrowden Road, who said: “The premises have been vacant and derelict for something approaching 20 years.

“It is boarded up and an eyesore, attracts vandals and rubbish and devalues properties in the area.

“Attempts by the council to resolve matters with the owner by negotiation have clearly failed and it is high time something was done about it.

“In view of the acute shortage of housing in today’s climate it must surely be appropriate for a compulsory purchase order to be obtained so that the property can be brought back into beneficial use.

“A similar petition was lodged with the council several years ago, and effectively, nothing has happened since.

“This petition was handed in to the council’s principal housing officer on Monday.

“Prior to this I had met with Peter Bone, MP for Wellingborough and Rushden, who was in support of the petition.”

The calls from residents for action come after the leader of Wellingborough Council, announced there would be tough action for property owners who allow buildings to fall into a state of disrepair.

Council leader Cllr Paul Bell said: “If people are not doing anything, and they are letting their properties fall into a state of disrepair then we will act.

“The council will look at the petition and it will go the appropriate committee.”

The borough council has approved plans for three compulsory purchases in recent months.