Promises over new homes at Priors Hall

An artist's impression of Priors Hall. Rockingham Speedway can be seen in the top left corner of the image
An artist's impression of Priors Hall. Rockingham Speedway can be seen in the top left corner of the image

An ambitious vision which will see more homes built at the stalled Priors Hall development has been outlined.

Alfred Buller, speaking at a presentation at Rockingham Speedway last week to an audience of estate agents and residents, said the financial crash in 2008 had put the brakes on his plans for the 5,000-home development.

Mr Buller has now teamed up with developer Stuart Wright and said the pair have received pledges from a number of major housing developers, including Taylor Wimpey, Barratt Homes, David Wilson and Francis Wilson Homes, which had all made commitments to buy land and build homes at Priors Hall.

Plans for a primary school are also due to be submitted in the autumn.

Jersey-based firm Grey Rock, represented by Mr Wright, took over the Priors Hall development and as part of the deal has also taken over management of Rockingham Speedway.

Mr Buller said: “After 2008 for the next two to three years the market for new homes did not get any better.

“I had to find someone who shared a belief in my vision for Priors Hall and I was very fortunate that I met Stuart Wright.

“We have secured funds from an organisation called Lone Star and are now in a position where we now have a secure future.”

Mr Wright, also speaking at last week’s event, said he had met Mr Buller last summer and said their partnership was like ‘a marriage of two dinosaurs’ although he added that the pair have no intention of becoming extinct.

Mr Wright said: “We have some very exciting plans in terms of finishing off the public realm work, and we know we need to start delivering the next phase of housing development.”

Priors Hall architect Will Cousins said a number of deals for small developments have been made which will see Barratt Homes build more than 90 properties at the development in the coming 12 months.

Taylor Wimpey is also planning to build a further 130 houses and David Wilson a further 34.

Mr Cousins said a planning application for a primary school was also going to be submitted to the county council in September and applications for other infrastructure elements of the development were also in the pipeline.

Andrew Swindell, from Barratt Homes, speaking last week, said the firm was planning on building a further 416 homes from January next year, and those would be completed over the forthcoming four or five years.