Programme launched to raise awareness of mental health needs in Northamptonshire

Youngsters at a balloon launch in Wellingborough raising awareness of mental health problems earlier this year
Youngsters at a balloon launch in Wellingborough raising awareness of mental health problems earlier this year

A mental health charity is encouraging people in Northamptonshire to use an awareness week to help them understand, manage and control anxiety which can have an effect on their lives.

The campaign, run by the Mental Health Stigma Programme as part of Mental Health Awareness Week, is inviting young people to participate in daily wellbeing activities.

The organisation says that mental health needs such as anxiety and depression can lead to people not feeling like themselves, and – unlike a physical health need – there is not always a clear reason for why they feel the way they do. These and other mental health needs are often much less understood.

Emma, a young person involved with the Mental Health Stigma Programme, said: “Choosing healthy lifestyles and enjoying life in general, no matter what challenges come our way, can go a long way towards positive mental and physical wellbeing.

“Freeing yourself from stress is another key in that process and actually the challenges that activities that we are inviting people to take part in can help people de-stress.

“This week sees the start of SATs for our year six students, and study leave for A-Levels and GCSE exams starts any day now, and it is important that we as young people try to support our own emotional wellbeing.

“But if we have a mental health need such as anxiety, stress or depression that we need additional support with, that is OK – one in four people will have mental health needs during their lifetime.

“Mental health needs often go undetected, and any efforts to bring more attention to that fact, and help people get the support that they need, is a positive step.

“A stigma is sometimes attached to mental health, and efforts to raise awareness of these issues and encourage people to talk out loud about their mental health is a positive thing and something that we are passionate about at the Mental Health Stigma Programme.”

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For more information about the Mental Health Stigma Programme, email or call 07974 141266.