Praise for security staff who helped seize £30,000 worth of drugs at festival near Corby

Police officers at the Illusive Festival held at Deene Park near Corby
Police officers at the Illusive Festival held at Deene Park near Corby

Security staff have been praised for their efforts in helping police seize £30,000 worth of drugs at a festival.

A total of 17 arrests were made for drug-related offences at the Illusive Festival, which took place earlier this month in the grounds of Deene Park near Corby.

We seized £30,000 worth of drugs

Inspector Julie Mead

Police officers from Corby and East Northants were on duty during the three-day event, which had six musical arenas for bands, DJs and performers.

Sector inspector for East Northamptonshire Julie Mead said: “There were 17 arrests and all were drug related.

“We seized £30,000 worth of drugs.

“The event was really well organised and the security team were excellent throughout the weekend.

“They had it all covered.”

Insp Mead said the security team was very ‘robust’ with its checks for drugs, including searching the bags of festival-goers.

She said they had worked with the police in tackling any drug use at the event.

The majority of the arrests made during the weekend were for possession with intent to supply drugs.

Insp Mead said the festival, which attracted people from across the country, was a good natured affair and she said the force would support it again if it returned in the future.

She added: “It was really good natured.

“We had no public order offences.”

A spokesman for Northamptonshire Police said all the people who had been arrested have been released on bail and investigations are ongoing.

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