POW named on note sought

A Kettering man who wrote his name and address on a Japanese banknote while interred in a prisoner of war camp is being sought by the note’s owner so he can give it to the man, or his family.

The banknote found its way into a collection of old notes and money belonging to Ipswich man Alan Parsons in the 1950s.

He now wants to trace Mr Thompson, if he survived his internment, or his family.

It is folded in half, with the words, “R. Thompson, 111 Havelock Street, Kettering’ written on one side, and ‘Roy K Simpson, Australian Army Medical Corps’ on the other.

Mr Parsons said: “The note is from 1944. I don’t know what happened to either man.”

Contact Michael Whelan on 01536 506163 with any information.