Pothole near Wellingborough earmarked for repair job less than two weeks after original fix

The repair job on the A509.
The repair job on the A509.

Work is needed to fix a pothole on the A509 near Wellingborough again - after the original repair job started to disintegrate after 10 days.

The crater between Isham and Wellingborough was first reported to the county council more than four months ago.

The repair job on the A509.

The repair job on the A509.

But the man who reported it, who does not want to be named, says he has had to report it again less than two weeks after the repair was carried out.

He said: “Within 10 days there were chunks coming out of it.

“It’s an absolute bodge job, you can see how bad it is as it’s all cracking.

“It’s not even lasted two weeks and it’s disintegrating.

“They’ve said it will be repaired again in the next four months but if I did a bad job I’d be made to do it again straight away.

“What a waste of taxpayers’ money.”

The concerned resident added that the work needed to be done urgently to prevent accidents from happening.

He said: “If someone on a moped hits it their wheel could wobble and there could be a serious accident.

“If someone is cycling down there and they have to swerve to miss it, where are they going to swerve into?

“There will be a head-on crash.”

A spokesman for Northamptonshire County Council said the defects were ‘not severe enough’ to be classed as an emergency.

He added that where workmanship is found to be an issue a second repair comes at no cost to the authority or the taxpayer.

He said: “Our area team inspectors have looked at this stretch of road and are checking all other recently repaired highway in the area.

“We will programme these works to be completed.

“As the defects are not severe enough to be classified as an emergency and because this is a strategic route, the work will require planning and full traffic management to ensure the safety of both road users and our workforce.

“Where workmanship is found to be an issue the work will be redone at no additional cost to the authority.

“We are required to complete non-emergency repairs within four months, although we do try and get the work done as quickly as possible.

“Our intervention criteria are in place to ensure that as many repairs as possible can be done with the limited resources available.”