Poster campaign tells revellers to keep quiet

POSTERS and beer mats reminding revellers to keep late night noise down will be on display in a town’s bars and clubs.

Kettering Council is distributing the reminders in town centre venues in support of Noise Action Week, which highlights the importance of keeping disturbances down to a minimum.

The authority admits many of the noise complaints it receives about late night noise are from those who have come in from a night out.

Cllr Ian Jelley, portfolio holder for the environment, said: “Designed to stand out, the beer mats and posters are aimed to help raise awareness of the negative effect noise can have on people’s quality of life.

“We would always encourage residents to think about how their actions impact on their neighbours and this is a light-hearted way of reminding people to be ‘noise aware’.”

During the national week, people are encouraged to consider the noise they make and the effect it could have on others.

People’s perception of noise tends to change after having a few drinks, and the council is keen to stress the importance of keeping noise down in neighbourhoods late at night.

Shirley Plenderleith, head of environmental health at the council, said: “Noise affects everyone’s quality of life at some time and many noise problems can often be solved by gently reminding people to be noise aware.

“It is important for all licensed premises to encourage their customers to act responsibly after they leave.

“This campaign is aimed at reminding people to be noise aware and to consider other people when they return home and are playing music or with friends.”

In January, the Evening Telegraph reported that a man and a women who repeatedly defied council orders to turn down their noise were saddled with a £600 fine and told to get rid of their surround sound speakers after being summoned to court.

Mantas Vysniauskas, 43, and Viktorija Vysniauskiene, 24, of Sycamore Close, Kettering, ignored warnings from council officials over loud music for almost a year.

Noise Action Week runs from Monday to Friday, and is organised by Environmental Protection UK.