Post Office branch ‘will remain in Earls Barton’

Earls Barton Post Office
Earls Barton Post Office

The Post Office says it is committed to maintaining a branch in Earls Barton following rumours it is to close.

A Post Office spokesman said: “Post Office Ltd is in the midst of its biggest ever Post Office branch modernisation programme.

“The postmaster at East Barton Post Office has expressed an interest to leave the network under our modernisation programme if we can find a suitable new postmaster with suitable premises to take on the Post Office.

“We have advertised the vacancy and there is an interested applicant who we are in talks with.

“Any re-location would be subject to a six-week public consultation.

“We are not at that stage yet with East Barton to begin consultation.

“We are committed to maintaining a Post Office in East Barton.”