Popular apps reviewed

Wrenn School pupil Jessica Parnell reviews some popular apps
Wrenn School pupil Jessica Parnell reviews some popular apps

Wrenn School pupil Jessica Parnell reviews some popular apps.

Flappy Bird I think it is a very simple-minded game that is made for all ages but mainly played by teenagers.

It is an addictive app and can cause physical harm to others.

Also, since this app has come off of the market people will now play it on their friends’ phones and if they get frustrated then they will throw the device and break it.

Altogether, I think that the parodies help those without the original app have fun but it doesn’t help that there are more than 200 parodies for it; there needs to be a new app out there soon to take away this violent streak.

Instagram An app where you share photos and very short videos with people internationally.

This may help people become closer to others and find out their interests and dislikes without bothering them.

They have also now updated it so you can directly send a photo to someone and have a private conversation with them.

The only bad thing is that you cannot reblog photos and the pictures and videos have to be in a square shape.

Tumblr A place to share thoughts, photos, gifs, quotes and links.

This makes it an easy place to find what you are looking for and it is an easy website to figure out and get control of.

One bad thing about it is that people tend to abuse the fact you can stay unknown to the public and start to act fake and immature, like sending hateful and abusive comments to make people feel down and hurt.

Overall, it is a good site to meet and get to know knew people and share your thoughts.

Hill Climb Racing It is a childlike app that will keep children entertained but is also amusing for teenagers.

You can work on strategy technique by saving money to save up for new cars and places.

It is a good way for children to stay occupied and for teenagers to work on the techniques for the future.

A way to make it better is to have a child mode and young adult mode.