Poppies warned after racism complaint

Latimer Park file pic
Latimer Park file pic

Kettering Town FC have received a formal warning from The FA after an alleged racist incident earlier this season.

The club’s 1-0 win over Redditch in August was stopped during the first half after visiting centre-half Orrin Pendley spoke with referee Robbie Dadley following an exchange with a fan.

The Poppies confirmed it had been reported to police and the football authorities and have now been warned, with The FA monitoring the club’s future conduct.

A statement from the club’s board of directors said: “We wish to clarify that we have a zero tolerance to any such abuse, and indeed to any behaviour at games which would bring the club into disrepute.

“Our officials, safety officer and stewards are instructed to report any inappropriate bevaviour and to take the names of any offenders.

“This could lead to reporting to the appropriate authorities and, if found proven, the perpetrators will be banned from the ground.

“We support the RESPECT campaign and ask all our fans to do the same.”