Poppies hold ‘promising’ stadium meeting with Kettering Council

Poppies fans march on the council in protest.
Poppies fans march on the council in protest.

A meeting with Kettering Council has shown signs of promise, according to the Poppies’ vice-chairman.

The club met officers from the local authority to discuss the potential for a move back to the town, having played in Burton Latimer since 2013.

The discussion was promised by councillors at a fiery council meeting in December last year.

And the Poppies’ vice-chairman Neil Griffin says they can take positives from the latest round of talks.

He said: “It was a clear-the-air talks meeting, things have gone on years ago and we cannot live in the previous regime.

“It’s to find a way, if there is any, for the football club to come back to the town.

“All parties are working together to see if there is a solution and the meeting was promising.

“We are looking at all avenues but there is a timescale.

“We cannot keep dillying and dallying.”

Mr Griffin says the club is continuing to look at the possibility of building a ground at Weekley Glebe as well as other options.

He said: “Weekley Glebe is being looked at and that was what we put forward beforehand.

“We have got to get a business plan in place to see if we could work up there, it needs to be financially do-able.

“We’re looking at other sites as well but they are in private ownership so that’s all we can say for now.”

Cllr Michael Brown (Ind) said: “I am happy that there has been a positive feeling come from the result of the talks.

“However, we have been here before and it’s important that talk turns to action from the council.

“I hope the talks progress to action very soon so campaigning can stop and building can start.”

Kettering Council has been contacted for a comment.