Pop in for a pint with your pint

Ten O'Clock pub owners Richard and Heather Miller
Ten O'Clock pub owners Richard and Heather Miller

There’s more than just a pint of beer and a meal on offer at a village pub after it started selling groceries.

Heather and Richard Miller, who took over the Ten O’Clock pub in Little Harrowden in December, say they listened to what villagers wanted before starting to sell bread, milk and vegetables.

Mrs Miller said: “Everyone who came in said they didn’t have anywhere to shop.

“We’ve now got bread, milk and vegetables. If anyone runs out of anything I might be able to help them out, with tea bags, for example. The biggest thing for pubs now is to listen to what people want.”

Last August, the pub was faced with permanent closure, but Wellingborough Council turned down an application to convert the building into homes.

The Millers have since invested in revamping the building. They hope to build an extension at the back for their restaurant and open a shop at the front of the pub.

Mrs Miller added: “This is the last chance for this pub. If it doesn’t work this time it will be built on, so why not give it a go.

“We do hope to put an extension on the back in the future so that we can open a full shop at the front of the pub.”

The couple are also keen to promote the pub as being family-friendly and they plan to hold events.

On April 27, the pub will host 70s band The Jets and a beer festival during the Waendel Walk weekend. For details call the pub on 01933 676787.