Poor street lighting is top concern

POOR and broken street lighting is the number one concern for people living in Wellingborough.

Police asked residents to report their main concerns through the new E-Panel system, which is aimed at reaching people who have previously been unable to attend community panel meetings.

Almost 2,000 people living in the town responded to the most recent E-Panel email, identifying the issues they wanted to be made Locally Identified Priorities.

A total of 987 people reported no problems, 441 said poor or broken street lighting was their main concern, 303 said nuisance in the street was a problem and a further 213 highlighted issues with graffiti and damage

Wellingborough sector commander, Inspector Nick Lyall said he would work with partner agencies, including Wellingborough and Northamptonshire County Councils, on tackling these issues.

He said: “There has been a massive increase in the number of people that we have been speaking to through the E-Panel system.

“With the street lighting, I will identify those that are broken and make sure that the council and highways agency are aware.

“Where they have been turned off, we will work with residents and get together with our partner agencies to see if they are the right ones to be turned off, and see if they can’t be switched back on.”

Cathy Mulholland, of Fulmar Lane, Wellingborough, was one of the 441 people who said the street lighting was her main concern.

She said: “I am not surprised at all that street lighting is the main concern. It’s a big problem at the Hemmingwell because of all the alleyways in the estate. It’s good that the police have listened to us, but they have got their own work to do and now they are having to take on the street lighting too.”

The system has also been rolled out to the rural towns and villages surrounding Wellingborough for the first time this month.

Of the 669 people who responded to police emails, 466 stated they had no issues, 79 highlighted parking problems including parking at school, 69 people said speeding vehicles was their main concern and 55 people said it was street nuisance.

To have your say by signing up for the E-panel system, email nick.lyall@northants.pnn.police.uk