Residents unhappy about Easton-on-the-Hill homes plan

Some Easton On-The-Hill residents have written to the council opposing plans for a new 115 home development in the rural spot.

Tuesday, 11th June 2019, 12:11 pm
115 homes could be built on a greenfield site on Easton-on-the-Hill.

A planning application was submitted to East Northamptonshire Council last month for the housing development in the village just outside Stamford.

The site, which is located north of Stamford Road and is currently vacant arable land, would also develop an open public space and a vehicular access point.

However, the proposal has already received a number of objections from residents.

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One local, whose comments were redacted by the council, said: "We have the pleasure of wildlife, birds, flowers and scenic views which will sadly disappear.

"I understood the country as a whole is trying to preserve our countryside. It would appear that this is not so with Northamptonshire County Council if this scheme goes ahead. Maybe you don't care about preserving such things."

Another villager added: "I am sure you can appreciate that for those of us who bought houses in the village because of the beautiful open fields and tranquility of such a place, to be threatened with the prospect of various nuisances and dangers is a grave concern.

"It is upsetting to imagine our beautiful view being permanently altered and the cherished darkness of the night sky being affected by lights from the new homes, cars and street lights."

If approved, the suggested development would be completed by Johnson Mowat Planning Ltd. In the planning report, the company said: "The land to which the development proposals relate to is not of high environmental value. The site comprises land in agricultural use, but its usefulness is limited and its loss would not be significant.

"There are opportunities, through development, to improve the environmental conditions of the area. The loss of habitat would not be significant and biodiversity gains can be readily achieved."

The development has been proposed to respond to the national housing crisis and to improve the affordablility of the East Northamptonshire area, with 40 percent of the dwellings being affordable housing in accordance to planning policies.

In the last three years, only 446 affordable dwellings have been delivered in the east of the county, meaning many are unable to afford to buy their own homes.

Johnson Mowat Planning Ltd say: "The delivery of 46 affordable homes is a significant benefit of the proposals. The proposed development has been carefully considered to ensure that it will provide high-quality, sustainable development.

"The design-led approach, informed by consultation with key stakeholders and the local community, responds sensitively to the site-setting, respecting the grain of the surrounding landscape."

The application is likely to progress to East Northamptonshire' council's planning committee in the coming months.