Northamptonshire health chief takes on additional role

The chief executive of the county’s mental health trust is taking on an additional leadership role at a Leicestershire NHS Trust.

Angela Hillery will be adding another chief executive role to her existing workload.
Angela Hillery will be adding another chief executive role to her existing workload.

Angela Hillery, who has led Northamptonshire Healthcare NHS Foundation Trust to an outstanding CQC grading, says her new role as chief executive of Leicestershire Partnership NHS Trust will not impact on her commitment to NHFT.

She is taking on the role after providing a ‘buddy’ relationship to the Leicestershire trust after it was rated as requires improvement in February.

A media release from NHFT has made clear the move is not a merger.

Angela Hillery, who has worked in the NHS for more than 30 years and has been in charge at NHFT since 2013, said: “My commitment to NHFT absolutely does not change. Our journey is ongoing and will continue to be one we take together, with each and every one of the team at NHFT playing a vital part. In every decision I make in my role as chief executive I consider the outcomes, wellbeing and needs of everyone involved in NHFT. I will bring this same focus and commitment into this new shared role.”

Chairman of NHFT Chris Warning said: “We welcome the opportunity to work closely with our neighbours in Leicestershire and believe this partnership will benefit patients, service users and carers across the area. Angela is a dedicated leader with a strong background in clinical care, equality and the co-production of services; I am pleased that we will continue to benefit from her leadership and experiences alongside LPT.”

Due to her new role Angela Hillery will be stepping down from leading the Northamptonshire Health and Care Partnership, which brings together local government, health and voluntary groups.