Labour candidate in Wellingborough and Rushden calls on voters to ignore controversy over false email

Richard Garvie, Labour Party
Richard Garvie, Labour Party

The Labour candidate standing in Wellingborough & Rushden Parliamentary election has urged voters to ignore the controversy over an email which falsely claimed to have been sent by his Conservative rival.

It was revealed last week that Tory Peter Bone had dismissed a blog posting claiming to have an email from him referring to the future of police and health services in the area as a political smear and entirely false.

He also said he would be reporting the matter to Northamptonshire Police. His views were supported by former shadow home secretary, David Davies, who was in Rushden on Friday.

In response, Labour candidate Richard Garvie said he accepted the word of Mr Bone that he had not sent the email and wanted the campaign to be fought on the issues and not smear tactics.

In a statement, issued to the press, he said the matters raised by the blog posting still needed to be discussed.

Mr Garvie said the issues surrounding the closure of Wellingborough police station and cuts to the fire service formed a key part of his campaign.

He added: “With regards to Isebrook, I made it clear that I am not aware of any proposed cuts or reduction in services although there are now questions that do need to be answered as to what is going on.”

Mr Garvie dismissed any suggestions that the smear campaign involved the Labour party and said any such accusations were “entirely false”.

He has also called on the police to look at other blogs and social media accounts from all political parties as part of any investigation.