Final round of campaigning in Corby by-election

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As the hours tick by until the polling stations open in the Corby by-election, the Labour and Conservative parties sent two more big names to the constituency to support their candidates.

Home Secretary Theresa May joined Christine Emmett to make calls to voters in Corby and East Northamptonshire ahead of polling day tomorrow (Thursday, November 15). Commenting on the by-election, Theresa May said: “Christine Emmett is a very good candidate, she has got real experience and run a business, she has done a variety of things through her life. She can bring that experience to bear in being a voice for the people of Corby and East Northamptonshire.

“We have been taking the message out across the constituency about what the Government has been doing to support people in this area like the increase in apprenticeships, some people taken out of tax altogether, the real help we are giving to people to get them back into employment and today we have seen a fall both nationally, and here in Corby and East Northamptonshire, in the number of people out of work.”

Labour, too, are fighting to the bitter end and Opposition Chief Whip Rosie Winterton joined Andy Sawford as he went out to speak to voters. The MP for Doncaster said the party is taking nothing for granted and said: “We have fought a hard campaign and spoken to as many people as we can. Andy’s seven pledges reflect what people locally have told us are important to them.

“I want to see Andy Sawford in Parliament because I know he will do a good job and will work incredibly hard for the constituency. We will be working on the campaign right up to the last minute, there is no complacency.

“People are telling us this government is out of touch and that Andy is talking about what they are talking about. They can see there is a stark difference between the Conservative government and what Labour is offering as our vision for the future. They can identify with Ed Miliband’s One Nation and are supportive of what Andy Sawford and the Labour Party are doing.

“Andy is passionate about fighting for jobs and fighting to make sure people are told the truth about plans for the hospital.

“He never just talks about Corby, he talks about the whole constituency and we want people in those areas to give us our support.”

Polling stations open at 7am tomorrow and close at 10pm. Voters can also choose their candidate for the role of Police and Crime Commissioner. The counts take place on Friday (November 16) and the by-election result is expected between 1.30pm and 3pm.