Christine and Neil Hamilton enter Corby by-election fray

Christine Hamilton, Margot Parker and Neil Hamilton
Christine Hamilton, Margot Parker and Neil Hamilton

Famous husband and wife team Neil and Christine Hamilton were in Corby today (Monday, October 29) to show their support for Margot Parker, UKIP’s candidate for the Corby and East Northants by-election.

The pair joined Margot on the campaign trail. Neil Hamilton said: “Margot is the best candidate, she has the best ideas, she’s the only local candidate and she cares about the area.

“It’s an excellent opportunity for people to vote for someone who cares after Louise Mensch treated the place like a public convenience. She is here to run the distance and fight for local people.

“From January 1st, 29 million Bulgarians and Romanians will have the right to come to this country putting pressure on jobs, hospitals and schools and UKIP is the only party that will do something about it.”

Christine Hamilton added: “We have been members of UKIP since 2002, it reflects what we think.

“What Margot is saying to people is it is only two-and-a-half years to the next General Election so give her a chance to fight for Corby and East Northants and see how she does.

“It is a chance to cause a political earthquake.”

Margot said it was time for an independent voice to be heard, not an established one with no real solutions.

She said: “I’ve been humbled by people’s reactions to my campaign. They have been coming into the office and giving donations when we know times are hard.

“It’s made me even more determined to fight for the chance to represent them.”

The by-election will take place on Thursday, November 15.