Police: We need your help to tackle motorcycle nuisance in Wellingborough


Police are appealing for the public’s help to tackle motorcycle nuisance in Wellingborough and the surrounding villages.

Officers received a number of reports last weekend of motorcycles being ridden in public places in an anti-social manner.

They are urging the public to help them by keeping an eye out for motorcyclists who are causing a nuisance and to pass on any information to local officers.

PC Mark Jones said: “We know there are a number of persistent offenders in the town who regularly cause a nuisance with how and where they ride their bikes and have no concerns about the disturbance they cause and the risk they pose to others.

“It’s not just young people ‘having a bit of fun’ – as well as being anti-social, the way they ride is dangerous and without concern for other road users, putting the public – and themselves – at risk of serious injury.

“Information from the public is really important and I would ask anyone who sees anyone riding a motorcycle or other vehicle in an anti-social manner to get as much information as possible and report it to the police.

“You can help by taking photographs, providing registration numbers or any information about those involved.

“For example, a resident sent us photos of a number of individuals who have been riding around the Hemmingwell estate and we are now working to identify them.

“We have also had some success in identifying and recovering stolen bikes that were being used anti-socially by local offenders.”

Anyone with information is asked to contact the Wellingborough Safer Community Team on 101 or by email at SCT-WellingboroughTown@northants.police.uk.