Police warning over posters of alleged offenders

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Police have warned people to be cautious when spreading information about alleged offenders.

Posters claiming to show a convicted paedophile have been put up around Kettering as well as online.

But Northamptonshire Police say some information on the posters, which have been spotted in Wicksteed Park, near Rockingham Road pleasure park and elsewhere in the town, is misleading.

They have also warned the posters may cause distress to victims or alleged victims.

In a statement, a police spokesman said: “We are aware of speculation on Twitter concerning posters which have been circulated in and around Kettering regarding a local man.

“We would like to reassure the public that the man in question is not in Kettering having been sentenced to four years and nine months in prison.

“We would ask that you consider the impact of what you are forwarding or sharing on the victims and family of those involved in this and similar cases.”