Police warning as five motorbikes stolen across Kettering borough

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Police in Kettering are reminding motorcyclists to make sure their bikes are secure following a number of bike thefts in the area.

At least five motorbikes have been reported as stolen in the last few weeks in the borough, and Inspector Richard Tall said: “Most of these thefts could have been prevented and I would encourage owners to consider whether their security measures can be improved.

“As with any vehicle, a motorbike is a significant investment, so it’s worth investing a bit more in the best possible security.

“Always make sure the steering lock is on when you leave it and never leave the keys with it, even for a short time.

“If you’re leaving it for some time, try to lock it to something secure, and when it’s parked at home, use a secure garage or compound if you can. You can also fit special attachments to lock your bike to. And finally, wherever possible, take helmets and other possessions with you when you leave your bike.”

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