Police warning about festive raves

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Police are calling on farmers and those who live and work in the countryside to keep their eyes and ears open to any suspicious activity which could be a rave.

Officers are asking people to report any suspicious circumstances, such as cars being driven suspiciously, driving around slowly looking at fields, outbuildings and barns, and any potential marking of locations, such as paint marks on the road surface or ribbons on gates and in hedges.

Police are keen to maintain their robust approach to raves – but say they need support from members of the public to nip these events in the bud.

A police spokesman said: “The festive season is ideal for those people looking to stage these types of events over a number of days.

“People who organise or attend an illegal rave are committing an offence and are likely to cause annoyance or even danger to other people living in the area, damaging property or endangering wildlife.

“The key is to let us know of any suspicious movements involving individuals or vehicles in your community - early information is vital.”

Any information or concerns about potential raves should be reported using the non-emergency 101 number or anonymously via Crimestoppers on 0800 555111.

Tell-tale signs of a possible rave being organised are:

- Posters or messages advertising an event

- Locks and chains on fields cut or tampered with

- Large convoys of cars on quiet rural roads

- Sound equipment and tents being set up

- Power generators being hired and brought into rural locations

- Flattened or disturbed hedgerows