Police visited 10 scrap dealers on day of action

POLICE visited 10 scrap dealers and visited 30 homes as part of a day of action aimed at combating metal theft.

The Evening Telegraph reported yesterday that officers were joined by Northamptonshire Police’s Chief Constable Adrian Lee for the day of action on Thursday.

During the day more than 60 officers visited 10 scrap metal dealers across the county, as well as several churches.

Officers also visited 30 people at home across the county. People who were visited were either those suspected of metal theft or people in the metal business.

On the day staff from BT and Western Power visited police headquarters to give advice and training on the impact of metal theft, how to identify stolen cabling and the types of cabling that are stolen.

PC Steve Neal, from the Operation Guardian team, said: “A key part of this operation has been engaging with scrap metal dealers so that they can play their part in preventing the theft and sale of stolen metal.

“We have been visiting people with a view to preventing them from this form of activity and also providing churches with advice on how to protect their places of worship.

“Since September 2011 we have had 372 incidents where vehicles have been seen either acting suspiciously or touting for or stealing metal items.

“From these calls from members of the public we have put markers on 80 vehicles.

“Of these 15 have subsequently been seized either following arrests or for failing to have appropriate insurance.

“The public are key to helping us combat metal theft by reporting suspicious activity.”