Police urge caution with more motorbikes expected on Northamptonshire’s roads

Inspector Jen Helm from Northamptonshire Police
Inspector Jen Helm from Northamptonshire Police

Police have urged motorists to be aware that more motorbikes are likely to be on the county’s roads in coming spells of good weather.

Statistics released by Northamptonshire Police show 75 motorcyclists were killed or seriously injured in accidents on the county’s roads last year.

That represented an increase of almost 20 per cent compared to the figures for 2012.

Inspector Jen Helm has urged both car drivers and bikers to be extra vigilant during the good weather to make sure there is not an increase in accidents this year.

She said: “We want everyone to enjoy our roads during the good weather and for each one of them to go home safely at the end of the day.

“So bikers, especially those who do not ride all year, please focus on safe riding and keeping concentration high, and drivers please be more alert to the number of bikes on the road and ensure motorcycle awareness is part of your everyday driving behaviour.

“We need both drivers and bikers to be aware, because even if a rider or a driver survives a collision, it can be a life changing experience.”

Five motorcyclists died on the county’s roads in 2013 compared to three in 2012. The number of bikers seriously injured also rose from 60 in 2012 to 70 in 2013.

Analysis of the figures shows Sundays and Wednesdays are the peak days for motorbike accidents in the county. It is believed this could be because many motorbike groups meet on Wednesdays while Sundays are also popular for riders.

To help raise awareness of the rising number of bikes on the roads as the weather improves, police motorcyclists are increasing their patrols in Northamptonshire and engaging with riders and drivers about road safety issues.

Regular BikeSafe training courses are also held in the county to help bikers improve their skills. To book a place on a course click here.