Police update: Corby Asda incident case closed

Corby Asda
Corby Asda

Police have closed their investigation into an incident at Corby Asda that was originally thought to be an attempted abduction.

A woman gave a voluntary interview to detectives yesterday afternoon. No charges have been laid and officers are now satisfied that the incident was a misunderstanding.

They have stressed that the original report to them was genuine and not malicious.

Police originally said that they were investigating a report of an attempted abduction that happened in the supermarket in Phoenix Parkway on Wednesday.

A mum had said she believed that a woman had tried to grab her daughter. Her story, and a separate picture of a group of people who some said were involved, was shared widely on social media.

Police promised to ‘leave no stone unturned’ in their investigation, but said that they believed that the incident was not an attempt to kidnap the child.

They said that sharing pictures of suspects on Facebook could hamper their investigation and jeopardise any future court case.

A spokeswoman for Northamptonshire Police said: “The investigation is complete.

“There have been no arrests.”

The stern warning about being careful not to post incriminating photos or accusations on social media was repeated.

“I would strongly advise people not to circulate photos of potential suspects on social media in connection with any incident but to report them to us directly and allow us to investigate them properly. In the event that a photo of a potential suspect is circulated on social media and that person is later suspected to be involved in a crime, the fact that a photo of them alongside these claims has already been in the public domain, can undermine an investigation, affect identification parades and also potentially hamper any future court case.