Police to target summertime yobs after rise in anti-social behaviour

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Increases in anti-social behaviour in the north of the county have prompted police to say they will get tough on yobs during the summer months.

The long school break always results in an increased number of anti-social behaviour incidents during the months of July and August.

And Safer Community Teams across the county are keeping a close eye on the hot spot areas, where young people get together and often cause a nuisance to other people.

During the first three months of the police recording year, between April and June, the number of anti-social behaviour incidents across the county have been similar to the corresponding period last year – 9,190 (April to June 2013) compared to 9,175 (April to June 2012).

But increases have been recorded in Corby (1,020/985), Kettering (1,338/1,226), Wellingborough (1,123/1,020), and Daventry (682/681), with falls experienced in East Northamptonshire (788/876), Northampton (3,749/3,826) and South Northamptonshire (490/561).

Chief Inspector Fay Tennet, the force lead on anti-social behaviour, said that the intention was not to demonise young people looking to have fun during the holidays.

She said: “The vast majority of young people are well behaved but there are a few who cause nuisance to others and, in some cases, commit anti-social behaviour and criminal damage.

“There are parts of the county where this sort of behaviour is more common and this is where the local policing teams will be concentrating their efforts.

“It is important that anyone who is a victim of anti-social behaviour is able to contact the police knowing that their voice will be heard even if, in some cases, their response will come from another organisation rather than the police.

“We should be making every effort to ensure that victims of crime or anti-social behaviour are kept updated and that they know who is taking action and when.”

Police and Crime Commissioner Adam Simmonds stated that tackling anti-social behaviour in a more effective way was at the heart of his Policing and Crime Plan.

He said: “Those who commit anti-social acts will not be tolerated and will be dealt with firmly.

“I am looking to introduce a programme to solve and prevent these sorts of problems which blight our community.

“And I also intend to introduce a multi-agency ‘one stop shop’, which will improve the service we give to victims of anti-social behaviour.”