Police to target drivers who flout restrictions on Corby road

George Street in Corby
George Street in Corby

Police are to target drivers who continue to flout restrictions on a road which is access only.

Only taxis and buses are supposed to use George Street in Corby town centre, while cars, bikes and vans are only allowed to use the main thoroughfare for access.

But even with signs at each end of the road, many motorists disregard the restrictions so police officers will be taking action on the issue which has been raised as a concern by members of the public, taxi drivers and councillors.

Sector inspector for Corby Julie Mead said: “Cars going up George Street is a problem.

“I want to support the local councillors and a lot of them have raised it to me as a


“Our specials team, who are fantastic here, are desperate to get out and be busy so I have given them a task of getting busy in George Street.

“There will be swarms of yellow jackets out there.

“They will be stopping people, ticketing and enforcing it.”

Insp Mead said they are planning to carry out days of action in the town centre to make people aware of the road restrictions, but added: “I have said we can do that, but it’s not a long-term solution.”

She is keen to work with the council as well as other partners in the area to try and find a way to stop drivers flouting the rules.

Leader of Corby Council Cllr Tom Beattie said: “The traffic flow on George Street can be extremely busy at times and we will continue to work in partnership with the police to try and tackle this issue as much as we can.”

Insp Mead added: “We are going to be out doing days of action.

“The safer roads team have been asked to come along and support the specials and it will be happening in the next month.”

While the dates have not yet been revealed, it is hoped that publicity about the planned days of action will make drivers think twice about using George Street.

The special constables in Corby have already been tweeting about the planned action which they will be involved with, warning drivers that they will be out and about in the coming weeks.

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