Police to tackle parking problems in Kettering

Problem parking is to be tackled in Kettering town centre
Problem parking is to be tackled in Kettering town centre

Police are teaming up with Kettering Council to tackle persistent parking issues in and around the town centre.

Over the next few weeks, police and council officials will be using a range of tactics to deal with illegal and inappropriate parking, including issuing tickets and giving people advice.

Inspector Richard Tall said: “We are working closely with Kettering Borough Council, which has ambitious development plans for the town centre.

“The aim is to make it a family-friendly place where people can move around without having to dodge around cars parked inappropriately or having cars drive past in what should mainly be a pedestrian area.

“We are supporting this by issuing tickets to motorists who park their cars illegally or drive in an anti-social way through the town centre.

“I would urge people driving into the town to think about their how and where they park and make sure they leave their vehicles in a safe and appropriate place.

“A fixed penalty notice issued by police can cost the owner up to £30.

“And if they challenge the ticket and it’s upheld by the court, that means £85 costs too.

“It is in everyone’s interest to park legally and responsibly.”