Police to clamp down on anti-social behaviour during Easter

POLICE are set to crack down on anti-social behaviour over the Easter holidays across the county.

The Safer Community Teams are set to carry out high visibility patrols with PCSOs on foot and cycles in hotspot areas and open spaces to tackle any issues

Chief Inspector Max Williams said officers want to ensure everyone enjoys the break without being affected by others acting in an anti-social manner.

He said: “We have seen a marked decrease in reported incidents of anti-social behaviour across the county – a drop of 19.3 per cent, 8,849 fewer incidents, compared to the same 52 week period last year.

“I believe that this decrease is down to the tailored approach we take in tackling anti-social behaviour – across Northamptonshire, we have developed strategies according to local issues and by working closely with partner agencies.

“We particularly focus on deterring problems arising in the first place at certain times of the year, such as the Easter holidays. We’re not here to stop anyone having fun – but we will be clamping down on those who cross the line from enjoying themselves into crime and anti-social behaviour.”

Inspector Gary Williams, based at Corby, said: “We have a dedicated crewed car responding to incidents, officers and PSCOs are patrolling each evening and we are working with partner agencies conducting test purchasing at off licences and licensed premises checks.”

In Wellingborough, Inspector Nick Lyall said police would be conducting high-visibility patrols in hotspots including the town centre, the Redwell estate and Croyland Park.

He said: “We are visiting those who have been known to cause issues – we do and will take action against people who cause anti-social behaviour.”

East Northamptonshire Sector Commander Inspector Vaughan Clarke said: “We have been visiting people who have reported problems to us, making sure they know who to contact and what to do if they happen again, and have increased patrols in hotspot areas.”