Police tackle school parking problems in Wellingborough

Police are visiting schools as part of national Road Safety Week.
Police are visiting schools as part of national Road Safety Week.

Parking problems around school sites in Wellingborough are among the subjects being highlighted by road safety experts as part of national Road Safety Week.

Officers from the joint Safer Roads Team (Northamptonshire Police and Northamptonshire Fire and Rescue Service), and Northamptonshire Highways, have not only been giving road safety talks to school children, but also giving guidance to parents and carers outside schools, to help address any parking problems at the times of the day when pupils are dropped off and collected.

One of the schools involved is All Saints Primary School in Castle Street, which is known to have experienced parking issues.

Officers attended the school yesterday (Wednesday) to give out safety packs to children, advise parents and hand out safer parking leaflets.

Officers were also in attendance at St Barnabas Primary School in St Barnabas Street on Tuesday, November 24.

The aim of the project has been to educate children about road safety, tackle inconsiderate parking outside schools and persuade parents of the benefits of driving less.

Safety guidance has also been given on subjects such as avoiding parking on zig-zag markings, choosing the safest places when crossing the road and always allowing for emergency vehicle access.

During the school visits, the team’s members have been handing out high visibility arm bands to help children be seen when they are out and about.

Other work with schools this week has included a speed camera awareness session in which officers work with pupils to track the speed of passing traffic, in order to highlight the danger of speeding and to raise awareness that most collisions happen in areas where the speed limit is 30mph.

Engagement team leader from the Safer Roads Team Sara Postlethwaite said: “It is important that children start thinking about road safety messages from a very young age, and we really want to educate them in taking simple measures such as dressing in bright clothing and, where possible, using high visibility bands so they can be seen by drivers in order to protect themselves as pedestrians.

“Parking problems are such an issue for many schools in the county, so we are using Road Safety Week as a good opportunity to engage with parents and raise awareness of some of the hazards for children and other pedestrians and drivers if unsafe parking is practised in close proximity to schools.”

Road Safety Week is an event run by the national road safety charity Brake, and this year it runs from November 23 to 27.