Police tackle problem parking around Corby schools

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Corby Safer Community Team is working with local schools to raise awareness of the problems and dangers of illegal and inappropriate parking around local schools, which has been identified by residents as a concern in the area.

Officers have been patrolling at a different school each day in their continued efforts to resolve this.

Three parking tickets were issued, one each in Corby Old Village, Stanion and Woodnewton.

Another driver in Woodnewton was given a Section 59 warning for erratic and inconsiderate driving in the area where children were walking.

PCSO Anita Hambly said: “Where parking problems persist, these patrols will continue in our bid to raise awareness about inconsiderate and illegal parking.

“We are working hard to make the roads around the schools safer for both children and parents, and where necessary, parking tickets will be issued.

“We also have the power to issue a Section 59 warning to anyone found to be driving a vehicle in a manner that causes nuisance or inconvenience to other road users or members of the public.

“If that person is caught again driving in a similar manner, the police have the power to seize their vehicle.”

For further information on the activities of your Safer Community Team, visit the Local Policing pages at www.northants.police.uk/sct or email SCT-Corbyrural@northants.police.uk.