Police stop more than 70 vehicles on A43 near Northampton and Towcester

Officers stopped more than 70 vehicles as part of a police operation at two locations on the A43.

By The Newsroom
Friday, 8th June 2018, 12:07 pm
Updated Tuesday, 19th June 2018, 4:33 pm

Yesterday’s day of action saw a total of 72 cars stopped on the A43 at Moulton near Northampton during the evening rush-hour and on the A43 at Brackley and Towcester later on.

Operation Cahoot was led by PC Hutch Hutchings, who posted several tweets about the day.

In relation to their time on the A43 at Moulton, PC Hutchings said: “Over 50 vehicles stopped, nine recovered, 19 prohibitions for various offences and intelligence gathered.”

The operation on the A43 at Moulton yesterday (Thursday)

And tweeting about part two of the operation at Brackley and Towcester, he tweeted: “11 recovered, 14 immediate prohibitions, 10 delayed.”

The prohibitions, both immediate and delayed, were issued for a range of defects and offences.

But the officers’ evening didn’t end there, and PC Hutchings added: “To finish the night in style, vehicle decides to stop in live lane whilst collecting the kit in.

“Driver confused and driver has just failed a drug wipe roadside test and is on his way to custody.

Officers on the A43 at Moulton yesterday

“Vehicle getting recovered.”

A tweet posted by the officer today (Friday) has urged drivers to regularly check their vehicles.

PC Hutchings said: “One in six we stopped yesterday got recovered.

“Makes you think just what condition that car in front or behind you is in.

“Basic daily checks can save lives and save fines.”