Police stop 50 drivers in crackdown

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Police have stopped 50 people and given out three speeding tickets in Kettering

Police were out in the town throughout Monday afternoon checking drivers’ speeds and promoting the messages of the summer drink-drive campaign.

Officers were out in Rockingham Road, near to the junction with Grafton Street, at around 3.15pm and stopped about 20 drivers at random.

At about 5pm they then moved on to St Mary’s Road, where they were based near to the junction with Larch Road.

The team stopped about 30 drivers there. Three were given speeding tickets - including one person who was driving at 47mph - and 15 were given producers, which require them to report to their local police station with their driving documents to be checked.

PC Tony White, who is based at Kettering police station and took part in the operation, said a lot of parents who were collecting their children from St Andrew’s Primary School in Grafton Street had been pleased to see the officers out and taking action during the operation on Rockingham Road.

He said: “There were lots of positive comments, they were all telling their kids ‘the policemen are telling off people who are travelling too fast’.”

PC White said the team had chosen to go to St Mary’s Road as residents had requested speed enforcement there.

He said: “Residents were quite happy to see the speed gun in operation, it is quite often requested, especially on the busier roads, which is why we picked St Mary’s Road.”

At St Mary’s Road the officers chose drivers at random and carried out basic checks to ensure their licence, insurance and MOT were all in order.

A speed gun was also used to check how fast people were driving, and drivers were given leaflets promoting Northamptonshire Police’s summer drink-drive campaign.

During the force’s summer campaign last June, a total of 686 breath tests were carried out and 83 people were arrested for drink driving.

PC White said: “This is part of our month of action and in addition to the force’s summer drink drive campaign, we are working to raise peoples’ awareness of the penalties and consequences of drink driving. That can obviously be in the evenings but it can also be the morning after.”

Drivers said they were pleased to see the police operation going on.

Dale Russell, 18, of Sydney Street, Kettering, was stopped at random on St Mary’s Road. He said: “I think it’s definitely good of them to actually stop and check people, there could be someone who is actually drink driving.”

Thomas Cleugh, 17, of Jean Road, Kettering, was also stopped at random on St Mary’s Road. He said: “I think it’s really quite good because it aims to create safety within our town and community.

“It shows that they are not doing bureaucracy all the time and the police are out on the street, which is good.”