Police seize bike after dangerous riding in Desborough

A motorbike was taken by police officers after the driver failed to heed a warning about riding on the pavement.

The bike was seized by local PCSOs on Sunday, June 24, after the offender was stopped for riding the motorbike on the footpaths along Matlock Way, Desborough, dangerously.

The rider had been given a warning on the previous Friday.

PCSOs Donna Fenner and Barrie Dodd said: “Another member of the police force had already offered words of advice to the rider on the previous Friday, and when we spotted the motorbike being driven in an anti-social manner for the second time, we acted quickly and appropriately to seize the bike to prevent further nuisance.”

“General nuisance in the area is a concern to the local community and we will continue to take swift action to ensure that the community stays a safe environment to live in.”